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5 Reasons to Visit Our Happy Haberdashery

If you love a chat about all things sewing while shopping all things sewing, Mill Creations is the haberdashery for you!

We are a friendly team and love growing our sewing community.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pay us a visit:

1. We are a family run mother and daughter small business who LOVE sewing, so we are always up for a chat about sewing, if you are looking for advice or inspiration for your next project we are more than happy to help. It can be daunting walking in somewhere you know nothing about but want to, so no question is a silly one, ask away.

2. We have a wide range of dressmaking sewing patterns. Indie patterns brands are best known for their trendy styles, that's why we choose to stock brands such as merchant and mills, tilly and the buttons, friday pattern company and many more to offer a fresh look for garments as well as supporting businesses.

3. Try Before you buy! yes you read that right, as a brother sewing machine dealership (the only one in Leeds) we have many products on display that can be used for demonstrations, this is a fantastic way to learn which machine is the right fit for you personally. Taking on board things such as budget, current ability and aspiring sewing goals as we recommend a machine to grow into to make sure you are getting the most your of your machine.

4. On-site sewing school, Mill Creations works alongside school of sew providing an abundance of sewing lessons, workshops and social sewing. We pride ourselves on having a unique space for 6 student classes and 4 incredibly talented sewing tutors.

5. Location, We are based in Farlsey, Leeds at Sunnybank Mills. The mill they filmed the recent series' of the great british sewing bee which as of recent has become a bit of a tourist attraction, many of your lovely customers are just as excited as we are to learn the shows new location from London to Leeds. It is super inspiring to see the positive impact the Great British Sewing Bee has on the sewing community it gets people talking, sewing and helping one and other get creative.

We believe sewing is a healthy happy hobby to have and we are proud to be apart of the community.

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